PYSH: A Python Shell

THIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED (and has not been updated in years).

If you'd like to reclaim the name ``pysh'' on SourceForge, contact me.

I no longer believe this approach to shell scripting to be a good solution. pysh's approach is to modify the syntax of python resulting in an uglier, and confusing, language. Maybe someday I'll stumble upon the ``right way'' to implement a shell language, but for now bash is just fine.

I prefer ipython and bash these days. The old description follows. Caveat emptor.

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Pysh is a user shell. It is inspired by unix shells, such as bash. It is written in python, and taps into the power of this general purpose programming language.

Pysh is not related to the PyShell project. There's some obvious overlap here, but I have yet to contact the PyShell folks. Call me impulsive. ;)

Pysh's goals are:

Pysh is currently only available in source code form, via CVS. Programmers, hackers, and tinkerers can start playing with pysh by visiting the project development page.